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June 30, 2018

For a rural Zimbabwean child of school going age, fetching water is one of the daily core house chores which can be time consuming and exhausting. Access to water is synonymous with struggle, and this will leave one grateful for every drop of water.

Imagine a day without water, where every drop counts. Not being able to take a bath daily or where your day to day program consists of trekking dangerous long distances before you get to school which might be 10 km away.

In addition to that, washing hands after using the toilet is seen as a luxury which most rural children are deprived of and it poses as a sanitation and health hazard. This is the life of the majority of rural children who have the difficult task of fetching water first before school.

Water is life and the importance of water can never be understated. Everyone has the right to have access to clean drinking water and The Club has partnered with Muchibwa Primary School to ensure that this is achieved.

We are always excited about transforming the world to make it a better place. Development of rural schools is one of the projects that is dear to our hearts. As a Group we invest in sustainable projects for a sustainable future.

The Club focuses on projects that allow children to be more committed to their studies. One such project was the drilling of a borehole at Muchibwa Primary School. The borehole is not only beneficial to the school but to the surrounding community as well as it helps them to invest in sustainable projects such as agriculture, poultry, livestock and so forth. This creates a community that is self-reliant. The lifespan of a borehole ranges from 10 to 15 years meaning this is a long term investment.

Access to clean water also ensures improved hygiene. ‚ÄúSustainable access to fresh water and sanitation leads to healthier people and economic growth” WWF.

Appreciation letter from the Headmaster


I write to acknowledge receipt of your donation of USD5 000.00 worth of material which we used to drill a borehole at Muchibwa Primary school. We, the parents, teachers, children and the community at large appreciate your assistance. We thank your management most sincerely and wish them well in all its endeavours. Muchibwa Primary School now enjoys fresh, clean water because of your programs. May our God richly bless you as you are a blessing to many disadvantaged Schools.

Yours Faithfully L Mapamba