Edgars HY2023 Financial Results

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take pride in our community and involve ourselves in contributing to the needs of the less privileged. We donate annually to various selected charitable organisations and orphanages, for example, by providing clothing and blankets. We assist the less fortunate academic students with basic school fees and donate sporting apparel to selected schools around Zimbabwe.

Environmental Policy

Edgars has a policy of conforming to internationally accepted environment and health standards, We recently undertook to encourage our shoppers to re-use their shopping bags. We adhere to the Plastic Act by providing environmentally friendly and re-usable packaging and plan to roll-out a new ‘Bag-for-life’ concept.

Health Issues

Edgars values its staff and provides a wide range of benefits and protection. For example, we have an on-going HIV / AIDS awareness programmes that assist staff in increasing their awareness of the benefits of responsible health and conduct in their daily living.

The Edgars funeral policy is also extended to our staff.