Edgars HY2023 Financial Results

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August 31, 2018

We are eager to participate in sustainable initiatives. As Edgars we are driven by the belief that investing in people is a reality that works in eradicating poverty. At group level, we continue partnering with different rural schools across the country to create a conducive learning environment through our exciting club competitions.

The Club Cash Challenge Competition winners facilitate in identifying rural schools in need. Looping the competition with CSR projects ensures that together we create a better future for the students and the surrounding community.

Chisangano Primary School lacked the precious resource of water. Addressing their need by financing the drilling of the borehole had a ripple effect and helped to achieve great milestones. The provisioning of a borehole alleviated the need to track dangerous long distances to fetch water for consumption and helped in sustaining the school’s agricultural projects. Access to clean water translates to improved hygiene and sanitation.

Letter from the Headmaster

Thank you Edgars.

Navson Choga`s winning of the Grand Prize of $500 in the Edgars Cash Challenge has left eternal footprints in the History of Chisangano Secondary school in Chikomba District. On behalf of parents, staff learners and the SDC of Chisangano allow me to thank Edgars for its generous donation of $5000.00. This donation was invested in the eradication of a perennial problem to the school. Over the years the school has faced a serious challenge of inadequate safe water for students and teachers. To this end we used this donation to drill a deep borehole with submersible pump and strategically placed tanks to supply clean and protected water to the learner’s, teachers and the community.

To put the icing on the cake, various guests from all walks of life graced the official opening of the water project on the 22nd of February. Among the dignitaries were, MP Mbwembwe, officials from Non-Governmental Organisations NGOS, the corporate community and Mrs Choga. It also cemented formidable relations between the school and the community as we rejoiced and celebrated together during the official opening of the water project.

We will always be thankful to Edgars for it has transformed the social and educational landscape of Chisangano Secondary School. This is so because the water project has given a life-line to projects like Agriculture and has also helped to improve the school grounds.

Once again thank you Edgars! We will always cherish your support to the education fraternity of Zimbabwe as a whole.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Bhenyu Nixon Headmaster