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October 1, 2015

Edgars Stores continues to strive to enrich the lives of our community members through the various CSR initiatives that we undertake. In 2014, Edgars sponsored the participation of one such member, Sinqobile Ndlovu, in the Moremi Initiative Women Leadership Development programme. Sinqobile had been identified as being one of the outstanding, emerging young female leaders in Africa. We were privileged to hear back from her recently regarding her experience, and the ways in which the programme enriched her. Sinqobile writes:

Moremi The Glowing Colours

“Through Edgars’ sponsorship which enabled my participation in the Leadership Development programme, I have managed to refine my ‘direction’ and ‘vision’ for the impact I aspire to deliver in my community, country and continent at large.

After participation in the Moremi Leadership programme I developed and am currently working on implementing a Community Based Waste Management and Recycling social entrepreneurship venture, ‘The Recycling Middlemen,’ which I hope besides restoring the cleanliness of our country will also provide a source of livelihood for hundreds of unemployed citizens.

The Recycling Middlemen (TRM) is a social innovation, entrepreneurial venture which aims to promote a recycling culture across southern Zimbabwe through providing an incentive for local communities to adopt this culture. Taking into consideration the inhumane conditions current informal waste management and recycling entrepreneurs (viewed by society as scavengers) work under, TRM aspires to act as a catalyst in the formalisation of the current Waste Management and Recycling industry in Zimbabwe so that benefits are realised by even the smallest player.

As Edgars is keen on keeping the environment clean, with the highly successful My Zimbabwe, My Responsibility campaign, my hope is to continue collaborating with Edgars on areas of environmental management.

‘By stacking many bricks together one is able to build a house’. Without Edgars’ support in 2014, my ‘building’ would not be what it is today.

I hereby write to express my gratitude. Please continue to impact more lives.”

Edgars Stores is honoured to see how our CSR efforts are shaping the future by nurturing the growth of young Zimbabweans. We wish Sinqobile every success in her future endeavours.