Edgars HY2023 Financial Results

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May 1, 2018

With the rapid change in global climatic conditions, The Edgars group believes we have a critical role to play towards more sustainable and eco-friendly business practises. We have cut the amount of paper trail in all our business operations and strive for eco-friendly operations. It starts at grassroots level to nature ecofriendly culture and practices. As a group we are on a drive to nurture young children to realise the importance of tree conservation, as there are the guardians of the future. We have partnered with Schools Climate Change Education and Public Awareness Campaigns (SCCEPA) to educate pupils on the importance of living an environmentally friendly life.

As Edgars Stores we are upholding our Corporate Social Responsibility thrust through sponsoring environmental activities as we understand that climate change impacts everyone the same across all sectors of the economy. The need for tree plantating has become even greater these days because of the growing pollution, posing a threat to the environment and endangering species, as a tree cut is a home lost. In light of this we cannot overstate the importance of trees. Trees are very important to us in many ways. We cannot think of our existence without trees.

There is need for an ecological balance for every tree that is cut. A useful exercise would be to train children at a young age so that they are well informed about the benefits of ecology and planting trees. Edgars Stores embarked on a hands on drive of donating indigenous tree seedlings and water. We have donated 600 trees in total, to schools around the Lupane district and Hillside Primary school as a climate change and mitigation measure. These are inclusive of fruit trees and indigenous non fruit trees.

We are relentlessly working towards environment conservation and committed to the sustainable growth and protection through our partnership with Schools Climate Change Education and Public Awareness Campaigns (SCCEPA) its various initiatives. We will continue to undertake such initiatives that will contribute to make our society greener and healthier.

For us this is a continual process as trees are a heredity to be treated as a national and global treasure.