Edgars HY2023 Financial Results

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July 11, 2019

In some parts of Zimbabwe, there are children sitting on dusty floors all day, trying to concentrate and learn while the teacher is checking on progress navigating her way in between kids occupying the floor space. The gods would have smiled on them if they are learning in a proper classroom that has four walls around them.

There are schools where children have to suffer from lack of school furniture. Where there are no desks and chairs and learners left with no choice to decide between learning and comfort. Physical conditions for classrooms and the general school environment are key in providing a conducive learning environment for both pupils and teachers.

Edgars realised that the narrative can be changed by investing in classroom furniture. In response to some challenges faced by Nerwande Primary School In Manicaland Province, Edgars Private Limited through the Rural Development fund donated seven (7) sets of desks and chairs.

The desks and chairs worth RTGS$ 15 000 donated to the school were received by the school’s Head Ms Mpoperi. Nerwande Primary School was identified Victor Chawira who won our Cash Challenge Competition and selected the school as the beneficiary of the prize money. The Club Magazine Cash Challenge is used to support special projects that address rural schools` needs, such as fundraising projects, stationary donations, improved security, library books, repairs to school facilities or renovations, financial assistance with projects and equipment, etc. The Fund is also used to support charities that care for people, animals and the environment and will make a meaningful difference in these fields.

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