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February 26, 2015

Late last year, the Edgars Club was touched to learn about the plight of one of our customers, Jeremiah Chikweshera of Gweru, whose wife has been in consistent pain after the couple was involved in a bus accident in 2001. When the accident occurred, she jumped out of the bus which had caught fire, resulting in an injury to her leg. Doctors told her the injured leg would likely give her problems as the years progressed. 13 years down the road, Jeremiah’s wife is indeed experiencing problems with the injured leg as well as the uninjured leg- which now carries all her body weight. As she also has diabetes, her weight has increased over the years, making walking for long distances unbearable.

As a pensioner whose only income is the NSSA grant, Jeremiah found that buying his wife the wheelchair she desperately needed was out of financial reach. However, he had hope in approaching the Edgars Corporate Social Responsibility Department after reading about Heather Sibindi in the Christmas issue of the Club Magazine, who we assisted with cash to replace lost property after her home was ravaged by fire. When Jeremiah reached out to Edgars, the response was positive and we were happy to donate a wheelchair to assist his wife.

Edgars values the opportunities to give back to members of our communities, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Chikweshera family.