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January 2, 2019

For a healthier, happier enviroment!!!

At the wake of apparent effects of climate change, we have realised that there are countless ways to improve and protect our environment to change the world for the better. In partnership with Zimbabwe Climate Change Coalition, Edgars Stores, Ministry Primary and Secondary Education; and Nyaradzo Friends of the Environment coordinated the Schools Climate Change Awareness and Education Campaign that was held in Bubi District in Matabeleland North at Kokolombeni Primary School.

We are driven by the desire to encourage and ensure the active participation of the students- as they are the future guardians of our environment. The schools climate change education and awareness campaign is therefore aimed to foster the conscientisation of environmental issues amongst students in line with the skills competence based curriculum.

To drive the message across Mr Justice Zvaita the Programme’s Director for Zimbabwe Climate Change Coalition, presented on the problems caused by climate change, shared eco-friendly practises and unveiled the National Climate Change Policy. Edgars donated 300 trees which Mr Zvaita went on to demonstrate how to plant. He went on to invite stakeholders who were present to also plant a couple of trees.

The stakeholders also came up with exciting activities to ensure that the students are engaged. The Ministry of Primary and Secondary education represented by Mr Ncube, conducted a quiz session to assess the students’ level of understanding on climate change issues and the impact. Students who answered the quiz correctly were awarded with either a t-shirt or cap donated by Edgars.

We are extremely concerned about what climate change means for the future of the planet. The brand is committed to incorporate restoration into their supply chain, continuously prioritising environmental responsibility and to build and foster a culture of conservation. We are fighting for the environment as our lives and those of future generations depend on it.